Edwin - Onsen Shirt

Rich in beneficial minerals to cleanse and purify the body, an Onsen (hot spring) is a deeply traditional Japanese ritual that the locals once claimed could cure 40,000 different ailments. A place to meditate, reflect and simply enjoy the view.


Remove all items of clothing.

Wash thoroughly before entering the Onsen.

Modesty is appreciated - Make use of the small towel provided. Keep your head and hair above the water at all times.

No, phones, cameras, smoking, alcohol or tattoos.

Keep the peace - Speak quietly (or not at all).


Onsen Shirt SS



FABRIC •  AOP, Voile, Linen/cotton, 140g/m²

COLOUR •  0X167 - Onsen AOP

INFO   •  Made In Portugal


Japanese Translations

Edwin / エドウィン

Onsen / 温泉

High temperature / 高温

Undress  / 裸になる

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