Edwin - Toshio Saeki Shorts

Known as one of the forefathers of Japanese erotica, Toshio Saeki (1945-2019) created an undeniably influential and complicated body of work that blended erotic themes, humour and ghoulish horror. Accessing the darkest depths of this subconscious, he was able to create authentic nightmare scenarios without boundaries that vividly depict what went on in his head as soon as he closed his eyes. 

Toshio Saeki Shorts


FABRIC •  AOP Crepe, Cotton, 150g/m²

COLOUR •  0X967 - Toshio Saeki AOP

INFO   •  Made In Portugal


Japanese Translations:

Vertical •  Pleasure Way Hidden / 悦道隠

Horizontal  •  Pleasure Way Lust / 悦道淫

               Toshio Saeki Signature 


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