Japan Blue - Straight J366 16.5 oz Jean

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Measure Your Jeans like we do

All the jeans we sell at Brund are made from high-quality selvedge denim that is cut and sewn with the utmost attention to detail. To help you understand what the garment looks and feels like, we provide several pictures and in-depth descriptions of each pair.

But how do you know if the jeans will fit?

The best solution is to visit our store to try them on. If that’s not an option, we provide detailed measures of every single size of all the jeans we stock. Using these will help you determine if the fit of the jeans you’re looking at will fit you, and which size you should choose.

We measure our jeans in centimetres using the industry-standard approach described below. Please make sure you measure your own jeans the same way when you’re making comparisons.

All our jeans are sanforized and/or one-washed. That means you shouldn’t worry about shrinkage. However, denim does have a tendency to stretch a little with wear, especially if you wear them tight-fitting. You need to take this into consideration when comparing the measurements of your own best-fitting jeans, which might have stretched out, with the new and unworn jeans you’re looking to buy from us.


If your own jeans measure 90 cm in the waist, pick the size that measures closest to that number, but not more than 90 cm. It’s also important that you consider and compare the measurement of the rise as the waist measurement is dependent on the height of the rise. In other words, to fit you, low waist jeans will need to have a slightly bigger waist measurement compared to high waist jeans, even though they might have the same tag size. 


The waist must be buttoned. Lay the jeans flat on the side and measure across the waistband. Double the number for the full waist measurement (for example, 42 x 2 = 84).

Front rise

Measure from the top of the waistband to the crotch seam.

Back rise

Like with the front rise, measure from the top of the waistband to the crotch joint.


Lay the jeans flat and take the measurement across the top of the leg immediately under the crotch. Your measuring tape or ruler should be at a right-side angle to the outside leg. This measurement will include a little bit of fabric at the back of the leg. This way, you measure the full width of the thigh and not just the front of the leg.


Measure all the way across the hem of the leg.


Measure the inside of the leg from the crotch and all the way down to the hem. Make sure you follow the curve of the inseam. This is easiest done by taking the measurement in ‘stages’, as seen in the illustration above.

The J366 is a part of the Japan Blue Circle program, its a Straight fit, made in a 16.5 oz. Côte d'Ivoire cotton.

The Straight fit has a plain silhouette. But in order to make the leg look slightly narrow, the leg actually gets a bit tapered from knee and down.

The Denim:

16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire Cotton Monster Selvedge

Everything from cultivation to harvesting is done by hand, and it is finished in a monster fabric that fits the body the more you wear the Côte d'Ivoire cotton, which is characterized by a simple texture that is said to be the “nearest cotton” without quality improvement .

Insert the thread firmly, and you can enjoy the texture close to hand- weaving by weaving the warp yarn with ultra-weak tension .

・ Natural discoloration

・ Côte d'Ivoire × Japanese flag color ears (Selvedge)
・ 100% cotton

 The model measures 183 cm and weighs 75 kg. He is is wearing size 32.

Whats the ''CIRCLE''

New dimension fit jeans.

"Curve belt" to draw a curve = one of the origins of the name of CIRCLE.

The pattern that used to be a straight belt has been renewed, and a “curve belt” has been added to pursue a fit around the waist. New jeans that make it easier to wear “full-fledged denim” that is uncompromising in domestic production, and can be added to any lifestyle.

Made in Kojima proud.


”Some jeans-fans believe that “jeans should not be washed in a machine”. However, unwashed jeans are insanitary, and they would lose “a strength of the textile”.

Our company highly recommends you to wash jeans properly to care jeans as long as you can.“

We added length 34 (inseam 87cm)


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