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Japan Blue

Japan Blue - Washi Shorts

Japan Blue - Washi Shorts

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 Sashiko - Japanese Traditional Embroidery Fabric

In the Edo period (1615-1868), the Sashiko embroidery technic was known to reinforce points of wear.

It was also used to repair/strengthen the worn clothing areas with patches and keeping the wearer warm.

It has a tough texture and was stitched mainly on fireman clothing...

Loose fit shorts,


11oz indigo sashiko

Sashiko, or “little stabs,” is a traditional Japanese technique of functional embroidery that can reinforce the fabric to make it stonger and more hardwearing.

This heavyweight Sashiko cotton is made from many layers of thread, making it strong and thick yet lightweight and breathable, with a stitched ‘rice like’ texture. The fabric is dyed using a traditional technique called Bushu in which the threads are yarn dyed with real indigo dye before being woven.

*This fabric is rich in real indigo dye and the colour can transfer

・ Indigo color of rope dyeing

・ Fabric will fade, so enjoy the journey

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