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Momotaro - Tee - MT004- Black 3/4 Sleeve

Momotaro - Tee - MT004- Black 3/4 Sleeve

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The MT004 Battle-stripe 3/4 sleeve tee,



"HALF SLEEVE T-SHIRT-sleeved T-shirt using the original 8.5-oz stuffed jersey knitted from 100% Zimbabwean cotton.
The neck rib has a solid binder neck specification.

This T-shirt is made of thick and durable fabric.
Although it is a thick and thick cloth, it gradually changes into a soft texture as it is worn.

Notes on materials:

The fabric used for this product is knitted with threads with uneven thickness used for fabrics. So because of that, there can be streaky bumps/different structure in places, but please enjoy it as the texture of the fabric.



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