Red Wing - 8864 - Moc Toe - Gore-Tex

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There is no “normal size”, because there are no “normal feet”. Feet in general are either narrow or wide and are all three-dimensional. Shoes, however, are normally produced only in different lengths, because consumers nowadays demand many colorways and designs, rather than varying fits.

In the 1960’s many shoemakers produced a far smaller number of shoes and then produced them in several widths (example: B, D, E, EE etc). Note: Width is not to be confused with a slimmer shoe silhouette.

Do notice that US producers convert US sizes to EU sizes differently, so it can be a help to focus on CM (centimeters) or USA (US).

Sneakers often have a slimmer silhouette than boots, so many will go down half a size from their sneaker size to their boot size.

Narrow and normal width (D):
All boots, shoes and sneakers.

Wide width (EE):
Red Wing 8111EE or 875EE and all Danner boots, as they are all in width EE.

This document only serves as a general guideline. If possible, stop by and try your new boots on. If not possible, drop us an email at 

Two iconic brands, Red Wing Heritage and GORE-TEX, have created a limited-run of a new footwear staple for the Fall and Winter seasons.

The Moc’s well-known and beloved style with rugged construction remain untouched, while the addition of GORE-TEX transforms the boot into an indispensable companion in any condition.

Storm welt construction locks out moisture so that you can stay on the move, no matter the weather.

An all-new, fully waterproof Russet Taos leather paired with a GORE-TEX membrane guarantees dry feet for the city commuter or other outdoor adventures.

GORE-TEX, the legacy pioneer in waterproofing technology, is a time-tested partner for Red Wing and is the perfect collaborator for this Heritage classic.

  • Insole: Poron/Texon
  • Outsole: Traction Tred
  • Hardware: Nickel Eyelets
  • Construction: Goodyear Leather Welt
  • Pattern Notes: New 875 Pattern adapted for GTX Bootie
  • Special Materials: Breathable waterproof GORE-TEX boot and fully-waterproof Russet Taos Leather

Care: Leather Cream, (Foam Leather Cleaner)

Red Wing Shoes are listed in US sizes. The width of the 8864 is D and it is made using last no. 23. As they run a bit big, we recommend sizing down half a size from your sneaker-size.

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