About Brund


Brund is synonymous with original and authentic jeans and boots. The shop, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, first opened its doors in 2004. From the beginning the focus of Brund has been classic five-pocket jeans and original boots.

From the modest boutique in Copenhagen’s Østerbro-neighborhood owner, Henrik Brund, has built one of Scandinavia’s best selections of denim and boots. Timeless and simple products have always fascinated Henrik. Those understated brands where styles, fits and cut remain virtually unchanged for decades because they simply got it right the first time. Brands that adhere to craftsmanship and quality but can still be produced, and sold, at a reasonable price.

For the first 11 years our products, and service, were only available to customers to the physical shop. A setup which worked well for us and ensured that proper guidance was given to each customer. However, due to a growing demand for our products outside of Copenhagen we decided to launch our online shop in 2015.

At Brund we love to share our passion for a pair of ring-spun jeans or a pair of well-worn goodyear-welded boots. Products that only grow more beautiful the more you wear them. We are proud of the expertise we hold and we enjoy sharing it. That is why personal customer service is paramount to us, whether you shop online or in our physical shop.

Please let us know if you have any questions or remarks about a product or our services. We are here to help.

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