Collection: Jeans

At Brund, we proudly showcase an extensive array of top-tier raw selvedge denim jeans, curated to cater to the discerning tastes of denim aficionados. Within our collection of five-pocket jeans, connoisseurs will find esteemed brands such as Edwin, Tellason, Lee 101, Indigofera, Iron Heart, Freenote Cloth, and Japan Blue.

Whether you lean towards the embrace of a lighter 14 oz. denim or the formidable weightiness of 21 oz. or even 25 oz. heavyweight denim, we offer a tailored fit to suit your preference. Crafted from premium Japanese denim, our jeans boast the coveted raw, rigid, and unwashed quality that is revered among denim enthusiasts—though select styles are also available in pre-rinsed options.

We firmly believe in presenting jeans in their purest form, allowing you to infuse them with your unique essence. With each wear, our jeans conform to your body, gradually developing distinctive fades, whiskers, and honeycombs that narrate your individual journey. Many of our jeans only come in one length. Luckily they can be cuffed to match your personal style. With proper care, your jeans are destined to accompany you through countless adventures, embodying our ethos: wear, wash, repair, repeat.