Jean care


  1. Wear them as often as possible for the first several months. The longer you postpone the first wash the more visible the fades. The six-months-rule gets thrown around a lot, however it all depends on how you wear your jeans. Wear them hard and get better fades. When they begin to stink –wash them!
  2. Wash them when you have achieved the desired amount of fades or your jeans start to reek. Some people only use dry-cleaning, while others soak their jeans in the sink or tub. -250 grams of salt and half a cup of vinegar as detergent should supposedly preserve the indigo in the areas where it has not been worn away. Others again, simply machine wash with detergent for dark garments on a low spinning speed and low heat program.
  3. Keep on wearing them as often as possible between washes to get even more visible fades. However, since most of the starch in the jeans will have been washed out by now they are no longer as dirt-repellant and will need to be washed more often.


  1. Rinse or wash your jeans before you wear them to remove excess color and starch. This will make your jeans softer and less prone to heavy contrasts and tears.
  2. Wear them for as long as possible between the following washes. The more you wash them - and the higher the temperature - the quicker the color will wash out.
  3. Machine wash at no more than 40 °C at a low spinning speed. Remember to always turn your jeans inside out when washing. That should minimize the risk of those unwanted vertical stripes down the pant-legs.

Tip: Oftentimes smoke- and grease-smell can be remedied by simply hanging your jeans on the clothes-line for a day.

While this guide is our take on a best practice for washing your jeans, there certainly are others. Always look at the care label on your jeans before washing.

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Be advised that heavy fades can result in rips, especially around cuffs, the crotch, and the pockets. However, rips and tears can be repaired, which will only make your jeans even more personal.