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Freenote Cloth

Freenote - Rios Slim Straight 14,5oz

Freenote - Rios Slim Straight 14,5oz

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    • Custom 14.50 oz denim from Kaihara Mills, Japan
    • Sanforized dark indigo with white fill yarn
    • Button fly construction
    • Two piece waistband
    • Tucked belt loops
    • 1/8" double needle accents
    • Flat felled seams
    • Japanese herringbone pocket bags
    • Custom rivets and button tacks
    • Custom labels from Italy
    • SB Tanning Co leather patch
    • 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36
    • Sewn in US

Words about the product from the Freenote team; 

We began development of the Kaihara Mills denim roughly two years ago with the aim to develop a classic custom denim that we could showcase in all of our fits. We started with ultra dark indigo yarns with light slub and tighter tension weave. The fill yarn is less pronounced compared to our current denim offering. We were looking for quicker and more pronounced fades.

The tighter weave enables a faster chipping process of the indigo. The selvedge ID has our signature antique gold ticking. As our predecessors in the past used ticking to identify their denim rolls, we used the same train of thought with a custom color unique to Freenote. The antique gold ticking also matches the same thread color for our top stitching.

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