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If you are shopping for a pair of Red Wing shoes or boots, the first thing to consider with regards to sizing is this:

Most Red Wing boots, like the well known Iron Rangers and Moc Toes run a bit ¨big¨. Therefore we recommend sizing down half a size from your sneaker-size. However, the Red Wing chukkas (3140, 3141 etc.) are true to size. Therefore we recommend ordering your sneaker-size if you are purchasing chukkas.

Please read the sizing-description on each style carefully, before ordering.

Size systems

There are many shoe size systems globally, with the US, UK, European and Japanese size systems as the most common ones. The US system also has a special category for athletic shoes.

In Europe, shoe makers are supposed to follow the same shoe-size system. Note however, that sizes might differ between e.g. France and Germany. The sizes also aren't totally standardized, which means that shoes from different manufacturers might have different sizes, although they have the same measurements.

Size chart

Size charts are used to convert between different international shoe size systems. Notice that these size charts are only to be seen as guides meant to help you find your right size. Sizes and size charts may differ notably between different shoe manufacturers and brands. See the Brund shoe/boot size chart here.

Shoe last

In order to build a Goodyear Welted boot (e.g. a Red Wing boot) to an exact size and width, the boot is constructed around a shoe last.

A last is used in shoemaking to give footwear its three-dimensional shape. Resembling the human foot, the last determines toe, heel and girth dimensions for fit, style and function.   

Do notice that there is no such thing as a "normal foot" and therefore not a standard shoe last - and therefore also not a "normal shoe size". Add to that the fact that most people’s right and left feet have different measurements.

Learn about Red Wing lasts and the Anatomy of a Red Wing at

Shoe width

Most shoemakers make some of their shoes in multiple widths, from narrow to extra-wide.

US width is measured as A, B, C, D, E, EE, with A as the narrowest, EE as the widest. The standard and most common width used in Europe is D.


The right size

A new pair of e.g. Red Wing Heritage boots should fit comfortably tight on your foot, with enough room to freely wiggle your toes.

The full grain leather upper, leather footboard and cork midsole mold to your feet, creating an enduring and customized fit over time, with each wear.

Measuring your feet

Stand up straight on a hard surface with your heel against the wall and a piece of blank paper taped to the floor, flush against the wall beneath your foot.

Have a friend mark the longest part of your foot (referred to as heel-to-toe length) on the paper with a pen, or measure yourself if necessary. Repeat with the other foot, as right and left sizes may be different. Use a ruler to measure the heel-to-toe length you marked for each foot.

View the BRUND shoe/boot size chart here

When using the chart, take note that ”CM” is NOT your heel-to-toe length in centimeter (cm), but the official shoe size (CM) 


If you have a medium or standard foot and use US 9,5 in New Balance Lifestyle, you will probably use US 9 in Red Wing.

I use US 9,5 in New Balance Lifestyle and my right foot measurement is 28,5 centimeters from heel-to-toe.

Confused ? – then, please read from ”Size systems” again ;-)



The Original PilotTM has been a favorite of U.S. military pilots since 1958 and continues to be AO’s best selling style.


Size : 52/55/57-20-140 mm

Frame Color : Silver

Temple Style : Bayonet with clear temple tip

Lens Type : Skymaster™ True Color Gray™ Polarized

100% UV Protection (Lens Filter Categorie 3)

Conform to CE norms

Sold with case and microfiber cloth

Unisex Design


Skymaster™ glass lenses offer superior clarity for the closest thing to your natural vision. Originally developed for pilots Skymaster™ is AO's premium lens option for distortion-free vision.

Gray sun lenses recudes eye fatigue in bright light conditions and are the color of choice for many pilots. True Color Gray™ is chromatically tuned to optimize optics. Also available in polarized lenses.

100% UVA/UVB Protection

Anti-reflective backside coating

Oleophobic smudge-resistant coating


Scratch-resistant material and hardcoat

Distortion-free for optical clarity


2020 brings a return to many original details, like handmade acetate temple tips and a vintage nosepad design. Expect uncompromising quality - engineered to rigid military specifications. This is a frame you can wear for life. It’s a look that never goes out of style. Proudly made by American craftsmen using the finest globally sourced components.


It was in 1958 that “Flight Goggle 58″, now better known as the “Original Pilot” was produced for the US military to provide pilots with maximum protection, optical performance and comfort. This is the model that has been retained and made famous in movies like “Top Gun,” “Apocopalypse Now” and “Taxi Driver”. Even today produced “Original Pilot” by AO complex in Southbridge, Massachusetts.


Looking a bit back in time,


The AO heritage began in 1826, when William Beecher, a Connecticut farm boy, came to Southbridge, after an apprenticeship in Providence, Rhode Island, where he learned the jeweler's trade.  This trade he practiced in Southbridge for seven years before his fateful encounter with a pair of typically crude imported spectacles.


"I can do it better," said William Beecher to himself  and he went to work.


The American optical industry was born at that moment.  William Beecher fostered an enduring precept for the company that was to grow into the American Optical Company.



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