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Harvest Label

Harvest Label - Bag, Flyers Supply HSP-0170 Pouch Sage Green

Harvest Label - Bag, Flyers Supply HSP-0170 Pouch Sage Green

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is a flagship brand, that was born in 1995. 

Mr. Koichi Yamaguchi, a charismatic bag designer representing Japan who created the "Tanker" series of Yoshida & Co., known for PORTER, transferred to Harvest and announced the launch of a new brand "HARVEST LABEL".
Twenty-five years after that, many new series are carefully produced one by one by skilled craftsmen at their own sewing factory in Japan.

Products that are finished without any compromise are required to be "real" oriented, which emphasizes the manufacturer's commitment, quality, and specifications rather than price, and while being a bag. Many "HL enthusiasts" purchase as collection items.

In addition, Harvest's bag making theme is "a bag that is not the best when purchased". It is a bag that wrinkles and scratches as it is used, creating a texture that looks like vintage denim that has been pierced, and the taste of each user is engraved.

As is common with leather bags, Harvest pursues a design that allows you to enjoy a vintage look even with nylon fabric.

In 2020, celebrating the 25th anniversary, HARVEST LABEL will send out to new chapters from Japan to the world, starting with the online limited sale that reproduced the design of FLYER'S, which was a popular series at that time.

In a changing time and lifestyle, not just a bag to carry around, but a good companion for everyone's daily life. We will continue to be a brand that pursues and proposes the commitment to "have" in the life that we spend with commitment.

  • Item No .: HSP-0170

  • The main material is a gadget pouch that uses the original fabric with a three-layer structure developed with the motif of the US Air Force flight jacket "MA-1".It is a convenient item that will come in handy when you work on the go or when you travel.
  • The main body opens 180 degrees, making it easy to put in and take out the contents, and it features eight storage pockets of various sizes.It is possible to organize and carry gadgets in a fairly fine manner.
  • Made in Japan , Handmade

Product Details
  • Size W 200mm × 120mm × 60mm  
  • Material Nylon twill (bonding) x metal fastener
  • Weight       180g
  • In Pocket: 8
  • Shoulder -

Made in Japan 



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