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Harvest Label

Harvest Label - Bag, Flyers 70xx HJR-0320 Navy

Harvest Label - Bag, Flyers 70xx HJR-0320 Navy

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is a flagship brand, that was born in 1995. 

Mr. Koichi Yamaguchi, a charismatic bag designer representing Japan who created the "Tanker" series of Yoshida & Co., known for PORTER, transferred to Harvest and announced the launch of a new brand "HARVEST LABEL".
Twenty-five years after that, many new series are carefully produced one by one by skilled craftsmen at their own sewing factory in Japan.

Products that are finished without any compromise are required to be "real" oriented, which emphasizes the manufacturer's commitment, quality, and specifications rather than price, and while being a bag. Many "HL enthusiasts" purchase as collection items.

In addition, Harvest's bag making theme is "a bag that is not the best when purchased". It is a bag that wrinkles and scratches as it is used, creating a texture that looks like vintage denim that has been pierced, and the taste of each user is engraved.

As is common with leather bags, Harvest pursues a design that allows you to enjoy a vintage look even with nylon fabric.

In 2020, celebrating the 25th anniversary, HARVEST LABEL will send out to new chapters from Japan to the world, starting with the online limited sale that reproduced the design of FLYER'S, which was a popular series at that time.

In a changing time and lifestyle, not just a bag to carry around, but a good companion for everyone's daily life. We will continue to be a brand that pursues and proposes the commitment to "have" in the life that we spend with commitment.


Item No .: HJR-0320

The main material is an original three-layer structure developed with the motif of the US Air Force flight jacket "MA-1". Upgraded the "Super Hercules" model released over 3 years ago with new specifications.The iconic front design remains the same, but has been reborn with a number of new specifications that fit the modern lifestyle.
Equipped with a nylon tape holder that can store a folding umbrella and a mug bottle inside the torso fastener.The fabric is water repellent and antifouling.
The interior comes with a tri-fold shoulder bag that can be used by removing the hook.When the bag is attached, it can be used as an inner pocket to increase storage capacity.
The PC sleeve, which is indispensable for modern lifestyles, is a MacBook Pro 16-inch compatible size.The cushion material and the back torso side open 180 degrees, and a stress-free design that makes it easy to take out is adopted.
Made in Japan , Handmade

Product Details

Size W290mm × 460mm × D140mm
Material Nylon twill (bonding process)
Weigh 1.5kg (Main body: 1.3kg / Attached shoulder BAG: 200g)
Outside Pocket: 11 Inside: 4
Shoulder -
Liter 18L


As a new "item" packed with dreams and adventurous spirit

"FLYER'S 70XX" is not only convenient, such as usability, but also playful, with the desire to "use good things for a long time."In the process of updating, we add functions that match the current lifestyle and use high quality materials and parts to become a semi-permanent partner.By repeating the corrections without compromising and sticking to it, it was completed as a convincing product.The finished "FLYER'S 70XX" has a very high degree of perfection due to the excellent sewing technology of our domestic factory, which specializes in careful and detailed work, and was born as a new item beyond the genre of BAG.

Items that are easy to use in any scene

 ◆ As a town use or business scene

A backpack with both hands free and easy to move actively is easy to use in town use and outdoors, and it can also be used in business scenes depending on the color, and it is useful in various situations.

Visuals that are particular about design and specifications

The design is based on the survival vest worn by military pilots and aircraft crews, and in order to faithfully reproduce the classic prototype, we dared to use mesh fabrics, metal fasteners and velcro.

◆ 11 pockets that tickle playfulness

There are 11 pockets of different sizes on the front and sides.There are many ways to use it, and just opening and closing your pocket will make you feel happy.

◆ Emphasis on ease of use when carrying

The back has a structure that does not put a burden on the shoulders and back even if heavy luggage is put in.The cushions on the back and the back of the harness absorb weight and external shocks. Since the S-shaped harness is designed according to the body shape, it fits the body and reduces the burden on the shoulders and back.By using the chest belt and waist belt, the weight on the shoulders is distributed.And the fit of the back is outstandingly improved, preventing the backpack from shaking and allowing you to walk stably.The position of the chest belt can be adjusted according to the body shape and can be replaced up and down.

◆ Detachable multi-organizer

The interior of the main unit is equipped with a removable multi-organizer with shoulders.


◆ Zippered mesh compartment

When you open the center fastener (POCKET ①) on the front, two loop belts are placed on the left and right, making it possible to quickly put in and take out water bottles and folding umbrellas.Even if it gets wet, it is easy to dry because it uses a mesh material with good breathability.

◆ Double pocket with snap button

By stacking two pockets using Velcro, the storage space has been increased. The POCKET ⑤ uses a smartphone (pocket size 2 mm long x 180 mm wide), and the POCKET ⑥ uses a snap button in addition to the velcro, so you can store pass cases, etc.

◆ Customizable pocket cover

The front of the box-shaped fastener pocket (POCKET⑦) located at the lower left of the front is designed so that the panel cover with loop can be removed by attaching a hook-and-loop fastener.You can customize it to your liking by attaching the attached original patch or your own patch.

◆ Back security pocket

A zipper-opening security pocket (POCKET⑨) is placed under the back to store valuables such as passports and wallets.

◆ Chest belt & waist belt

Comes with a removable chest belt and waist belt with a metal buckle.

◆ PC sleeve that fits the modern lifestyle

As remote work has become established as a new lifestyle and carrying PCs and tablets has become a daily routine, "FLYER'S 70XX" is designed so that daily work and school can be taken in and out smoothly without stress.

The opening of the main body expands 180 degrees, so you can easily access the inside.In addition, the PC pad bends 90 degrees, so you can smoothly put in and take out your laptop.

The PC sleeve is compatible with MacBook 16 inches Width: 35.79 cm / Depth: 24.59 cm / Height: 16.2 cm.

◆ Detachable multi-organizer that also functions as a shoulder

It has a multi-organizer that can be removed with a hook instead of the inner pocket.You can use it as an inner bag while it is attached to the interior, or you can remove it and fold it in three, and attach the attached shoulder to use it as a shoulder bag.

The removable multi-organizer has a three-tiered structure of flap pockets, mesh pockets, and open pockets from above, so even when used as an inner pocket, it is possible to store small items without losing sight of them.When you fold it in three and use it as a shoulder bag, you can quickly take it out even if you store frequently used items such as IC cards, sunglasses, wallets and passports.Please enjoy how to use it according to your situation.




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