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Heimat - Mariner Crew Neck Ink/Seasshell

Heimat - Mariner Crew Neck Ink/Seasshell

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Traditional sailing Sweater which will keep you warm in any weather.

The stripes were added to make it easier to spot a seaman in the case of a man overboard. Based on the classic Breton shirt which has 21 stripes every stripe would represent a sea battle won by Napoleone Bonaparte. It can be worn with a shirt or with a tee-shirt. The sleeves and collar is attached by hand. Beautiful finishing details on cuffs and hem. It is fitted a bit slim but due to the heavy knitting, the wool will give a bit after a few wears. Made in Germany from 100% responsibly sourced virgin wool. 

Natural Self-Cleaning and Water-Resistant Properties. Signature The sleeves and collar are attached by hand, which is more time consuming and labour intensive than using a standard machine stitch but results in a superior finish.


The Heimat Sweaters have a lot of stretch, so we recommend that you buy your normal size they will sit a bit slim on the body when you wear them first but will break in just like your favourite pair of denim.




Body  =  Neck to Hem

Chest =  Armpit to Armpit

Arms  =  Shoulder to end of Cuff




SIZE Body Chest Arms




S/40 58cm|23" 45cm|18" 54cm|21"

M/44 63cm|25" 47cm|19" 55cm|22"

L/48 67cm|26" 51cm|20" 56cm|22"

XL/52 70cm|27" 54cm|21" 60cm|23"

XXL/56 75cm|29" 57cm|22" 63cm|25"



The wool has natural oils and is self cleaning. Just hang it outside in fresh air for a night. If you still want to machine wash it wash at 30 degrees wool cycle in a half full machine and use wool detergent.

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