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Japan Blue

Japan Blue - Classic J401 14.8 oz Jean

Japan Blue - Classic J401 14.8 oz Jean

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You are looking at the J401, which is a part of the Japan Blue Circle program.

Classic straight model is a wide shape from thighs to knees with a high rise.
A slightly tapered to the hems and gives look smartly even the overall design is a relaxed.

14.8oz US cotton selvedge denim
Signature fabric to JBJ since its establishment.
To create a "fabric for jeans" that retains its firmness even after wearing for years, we put the thread-counts to the limit into it.


・Zipper fly
・Selvedge: red
・JBJ original donut button
・Leather patch
・Inseam: JBJ blue thread
・Chain stitched bottom hems
・One washed
・Length: 32 inch
・100% cotton
・Made in Japan

The rough cotton that the United States is known for, is used to create the denim fabric of the, J301 and J401 models. The tough American cotton allows for the stronger yarn, as well as giving it a nice deep indigo color when dyed. The Warp yarn is rope dyed in deep indigo blue, which will give a great fade with subtle contrast over time. The vintage shuttle loom on which the fabric is woven is sped up to tighten the weave, given the already rough and rugged textile a strong finish.


Whats the ''CIRCLE''

New dimension fit jeans.

"Curve belt" to draw a curve = one of the origins of the name of CIRCLE.

The pattern that used to be a straight belt has been renewed, and a “curve belt” has been added to pursue a fit around the waist. New jeans that make it easier to wear “full-fledged denim” that is uncompromising in domestic production, and can be added to any lifestyle.



”Some jeans-fans believe that “jeans should not be washed in a machine”. However, unwashed jeans are insanitary, and they would lose “a strength of the textile”.

Our company highly recommends you to wash jeans properly to care jeans as long as you can.“ 

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