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Japan Blue

Japan Blue - Type II 16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire Selvedge Denim

Japan Blue - Type II 16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire Selvedge Denim

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Japan Blues version of the well known type 2 Jacket


  • Original 16.5oz Côte d'lvoire Selvedge denim
  • 100% Cotton
  • Sanforized Japanese Selvedge denim
  • One Wash
  • Type II Silhouette
  • 5 Brass button front opening featuring "Blue" embossing
  • Chambray lined chest pocket flaps
  • JB Cowhide leather patch
  • Adjustable waist buttons
  • Red Selvedge ID + Green/Orange/White Selvedge ID


Fits slim, so we recommend to go up a size from your ¨normal¨size.


16.5oz Côte d'Ivoire Cotton Monster Selvedge

Everything from cultivation to harvesting is done by hand, and it is finished in a monster fabric that fits the body the more you wear the Côte d'Ivoire cotton, which is characterized by a simple texture that is said to be the “nearest cotton” without quality improvement .

Inserting the thread firmly, and you can enjoy the texture close to hand- weaving by weaving the warp yarn with ultra-weak tension.

Fabric is washed once for a softer feel.




42/L 44/XL 46/XXL

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