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Merz B Schwanen

Merz B. Schwanen - 255 Loopwheeled Boxer Button Fly Ink Blue

Merz B. Schwanen - 255 Loopwheeled Boxer Button Fly Ink Blue

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The Loop Wheeled Boxer...


The circular-knitted soft waistband guarantees maximum comfort. The soft, circular-knit waist band ensures a high level of comfort, and the front opening features real mother-of-pearl buttons in a classic style.

Pure organic-cotton feels comfortable on your skin. The 2-thread fabric is durable and sturdy.

Production: Made in Germany 

- attached soft waistband

- front opening with mother-of-pearl buttons

- open form stable legs

- maximum comfort due to seamless waistband

- best skin comfort due to gentle manufacturing process  

- slim and yet casual

- straight hem

- maximum comfort: due to circular knitting and therefor no side seams

ca. 2cm extra length, as garment may shrink in the first wash, always use care label instructions as washing guide


  • Prima Qualität, 100 % organic cotton

  • 2-thread, 245 gr. (8,6 oz.), made on loop wheeler

  • natural fabric for best feel on your skin

  • comfortable and also sturdy haptics

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