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Redecker - Footscraper w Bootjack Oak

Redecker - Footscraper w Bootjack Oak

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Design and crafts in a modern family-owned company

The first Redecker brushes were hand-made in 1935. Today, the name of Redecker has long stood for a skillful combination of naturalness, function and design. It lives from a very special mix of inventors´ mentality, solid crafts and creativity. At Redecker, they always place high value in their products, not only being practical but also beautiful and, most of all, ecological. Natural and sustainable raw materials are the most important aspects when they choose the materials.


What came first, the boot or the bootjack

Handcrafted in Germany from oiled oakwood, Redecker's traditional craftsmanship shines through with this sturdy Oak Bootjack & Footscraper. A true statement piece, ideal for the front door, this beautiful product blends form and function. Designed to clean and effortlessly remove shoes without the need to bend over.

The Wooden foot scraper with oiled oakwood handle, arenga fibre & boot jack. Double-featured, one can first scrape the grit and dirt from shoes and boots, then use the jack to help remove them.

  • oiled oak wood
  • arenga fibre
  • Size: 55 x 25 x 85 cm
  • Made in Germany


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