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kobashi studio

Kobashi Studio - Twist Key Chain w Hook Brass M

Kobashi Studio - Twist Key Chain w Hook Brass M

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KOBASHI STUDIO is a highest Japanese quality accessory development studio based in Tokyo.

Size M is 53cm, Twist Key Chain is 2.5mm


Koabshi Studio (former Rinouma) is a Japanese accessory brand that has a passion for “BRASS”.

It is very difficult to find the finest brass items in the world, but here in the craftsmen's country of Japan, we can still make the finest brass items today.

In addition to hand-made hook, sand casting by hand, and we use a vintage chain-making machine from more than 50 years ago which seems to exist only in Japan. Finish of beautiful look and vintage feel is also Japanese work.
The all materials such as leathers, canvas, tapes and tags, etc., also the highest quality made in Japan.

It not only is made in Japan but is made of Japanese materials only. RINOMA is 100% pure Japanese brand.

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