Share Your Fades and Win A Pair of Jeans

… And Join Us On October 8 to Discover How Lee and Edwin Jeans Fade.

We love fades! If you ask us, nothing beats a pair of battered and worn-down raw denim jeans. That’s why it’s all we sell. But, it’s not only crispy whiskers and sharp honeycombs that get us going; it’s the unique stories behind the fades too.

To prove we’re serious about it, we fully dedicate the evening of October 8 to stories about faded denim with an exclusive event in our store in Copenhagen. We’ve invited three denim experts to speak about faded denim, but we also want to hear your story. To get you motivated, we are giving away 4 pairs of jeans* for the best fades and fade stories.

How To Win A Pair of Jeans

Considering that some of you may not be able to attend the event in Copenhagen, we’ve made two divisions for the competition: an in-store division for those who attend the event and an online division for those who can’t. Any brand is welcome, but you can only join one division.

No matter how you join, send a few pictures of your fade to along with the story behind the fade. The deadline is October 8 at 16.00/4pm CET. If you join the in-store division, please remember to bring your jeans to the event also.

In both divisions, there will be two prizes: one for best fade and one for best fade story, so putting a little effort into the story may be well worth it. To get the edge on the competition use the questions at the bottom of this post to write your story. 

Social Media Sharing

We will promote the event on social media both before and after October 8 by highlighting selected fades and fade stories. But, we also need your help to spread the word to denimheads around the world.

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to share your pictures and story on social media. Remember to like and tag @brundcph in posts on Facebook and @brundcph on Instagram. Use our hashtag #brundcph!!

What the Evening Will Look Like

  • 18.00-19.00: Gourmet hotdogs from Pølse Kompagniet and icy cold Miller beers will be served
  • 19.00-20.00: Thomas from Denimhunters will do a seminar about faded denim with the sales reps from Lee 101 and Edwin
  • 20.00-21.00: Share your fades. We will professionally photograph your jeans for the in-store division and a team of judges will find the winners in both divisions

This event will fill up quickly and there’s limited capacity, so go ahead and RSVP today. You don’t need to join the contest to attend the event. However, you can only attend if you RSVP on Facebook**, and we do consider your registration binding.

*The prizes include: 1 pair of Edwin jeans, 1 pair of Lee 101 jeans, 1 pair of Tellason jeans and 1 pair of Big John jeans.

**If you do not use Facebook, you can RSVP via email to


  1. Who are you, where are you from and what is that place famous for?
  2. What do you do and how does your job influence the way you wear your jeans? (suggestions of what to include: are you allowed to wear your jeans to work, does the way you commute have an effect on the fades, etc.)
  3. What is the story behind your denim passion? (suggestions of what to include: how you got into raw denim, explain the feeling wearing and fading raw denim gives you, what your denim passion means for your lifestyle, etc.)
  4. What is the story of the jeans you have submitted for this competition? (suggestions of what to include: where you bought them, places you went with the jeans, life events that happened while you wore the jeans, unorthodox methods you used to fade the jeans, etc.) 
  5. What are the "wear stats" of your jeans? (suggestions of what to include: how long have you worn them, how many times have your soaked/washed them, how have you soaked/washed them, etc.?)


You can only participate in one of the two divisions. For the in-store division, please send us your pictures and your fade story prior to the event. It is a must that yu turn up to the event and of course you need to bring your jeans. For the online division, you are required to send us your pictures and story prior to the event. The submission deadline is October 8 at 16.00/4pm. By participating, you agree that we share your pictures and story on our website and social media platforms. Prizes will only be sent to countries within the EU.

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