Filson - Durability and Dependability

Filson - Durability and Dependability

Filson was founded in 1897 in Seattle, Washington – where much of the production is still done today. Filson is well known for their great quality and their collection of bags have become iconic. The secret behind Filson’s quality lies in their three signature fabrics that all have durability and the ability to withstand the elements at heart: Oil Finish Tin Cloth, Mackinaw Wool and Rugged Twill. At Brund, we are proud to carry great products in all three Filson fabrics.

Oil Finish Tin Cloth is the toughest fabric Filson produces. Born from the need to protect loggers from thorns and saw blades in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest wilderness, Oil Finish Tin Cloth has also gained a reliable following from hunters and workers who rely on water-repellent, tough-wearing outerwear.

Mackinaw Wool is the original Filson Fabric. Where it all started. It’s strong enough to hold back brush and limbs and will keep you warm even when it’s soaked with rain or snow. Wool has been used in garments for hundreds of years and has been a part of the Filson story since 1897. Although new technologies have been developed, 24-oz. 100% Virgin Mackinaw Wool is still the choice of outdoorsmen who need garments to protect them from brush and cold.
Rugged Twill is a relatively new material since it was only invented, by Filson, in 1991. Rugged twill is the foundation of Filson’s line of bags and luggage, chosen for its durability and dependability in every field. A 22-oz cotton twill, it is lightly brushed with a paraffin-based wax to repel water and densely woven to reduce snags and tears. Stiff at first, it takes a couple years to break in. If it didn't, it would be easy to wear out.

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