Red Wing 9874 - Black Klondike (6 Inch) Limited

Red Wing 9874 - Black Klondike (6 Inch) Limited

In the postwar years of the last century, Red Wing Shoe Company introduced a 9-inch lace-up boot for sportsmen— bird and deer hunters who spent autumn days in the woods and marshes of North America. The boot was called the Style No. 954.

The 9874 is a modern 6" iteration of the iconic 954 boot, meticulously produced using the same machines and methods as the original.

The Red Wing 9874 is made from a special Black Klondike leather which is not "dyed through". This special Red Wing leather is developed by the S.B. Foot Tannery, and will become more brown after wear because scratches and marks will reveal the brown core underneath. Therefore the 9874 will get a great appearance over time.

Learn more about the 9874 and how to get your hands on a pair, right here. And if you do want a pair, don't hesitate as these limited releases tend to sell out quickly.

Red Wing 9874 Black Klondike
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