Red Wing - 8085 - Iron Ranger (Copper Rough & Tough)

Red Wing - 8085 - Iron Ranger (Copper Rough & Tough)

"Why doesn't the Iron Ranger come with a rubber sole?"

-That's a question we've gotten from a lot of you through the years.

As you may already know, the Iron Ranger is now available with a Vibram rubber outsole, which offers unparalleled grip and traction, the Vibram® 430 Mini-lug soles.

And with the latest addition to the Iron Ranger family, the gorgeous 8085 in Copper Rough & Tough leather (with - you guessed it - Vibram rubber soles) there is in deed a new pretty boy in town challenging the old cork-soled 8111 for the throne.

The 8085 is simply a stunning boot that promises to keep you on your feet in the most slippery of conditions (hint: Danish winter). So with no further ado we bring to you the Red Wing Iron Ranger 8085

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