Frost River / Portuguese Flannel

Frost River / Portuguese Flannel

New brands at Brund: Frost River / Portuguese Flannel

We have just added two new awesome brands to our roster. Two brands that excel in each of their particular fields; Frost River bags and Portuguese Flannel shirts.

Frost River

Frost River makes some of the best waxed canvas bags and backpacks around. The company’s philosophy is centered around an old school wilderness aesthetic with functionality and durability at the core. Proudly produced in Minnesota, USA these bags will be your companion in your daily routine around town and will serve you well on your canoeing trips and expeditions into the wild. And just like your jeans, Frost River bags will only get better with age. At Brund we have chosen to carry a line of six different bags from Frost River, ranging from three backpacks to a briefcase and two duffel bags. Check out the full Frost River collection here.

Frost River bags

Portuguese Flannel

Portuguese Flannel is the name of the brand. And that is exactly what they make. Portuguese flannel-making requires such traditional expertise and delicacy in all of its stages of production that it is considered a form of art. All shirts from Portuguese Flannel are beautifully crafted with attention to every detail and they come pre-washed – so what you see is truly what you get. We, at Brund, are proud to be able to offer a range of five Portuguese Flannel shirts in different designs and all in the same high grade Portuguese quality. Check out the full Portuguese Flannel collection here.

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