Indigofera - New strong brand at Brund

Indigofera - New strong brand at Brund

Through the years we have had many of you ask us for specific brands and one that has come up often is Swedish Indigofera Prima Jeans. It is not that we do our buying on a whim or pick our brands on a feeling of what is hot - so to speak. However when popular demand goes hand in hand with a brand we as professional jean-slingers respect and admire very much for their great quality and awesome products, who are we to disagree.

Brund celebrates Indigofera Prima JeansAs you can tell we are all pretty happy with our new brand, Indigofera.

This really was a no-brainer. Indigofera is a brand that fits in very well in Brund, to put it lightly. Therefore we are nothing less than thrilled to be able to offer a handpicked selection of jeans, shirts and t-shirts from the Swedish jean-makers. We currently have two pairs of the probably most iconic Indigofera jeans - the Clint -available, along with two great renditions of the classic denim shirt. Don’t sleep on the beautiful and durable flannel shirt - the Bryson - either. Not to mention our selection of two short sleeve tees and one raglan 3/4 length baseball-style tee.

Ok, nothing more to see here 😂...Jump right on over to our Indigofera-collection and check out these awesome products for yourself.

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