Pinky and brain wears denim!

Pinky and brain wears denim!

So it's pretty obvious who is who in "PinkyAndBrain_Wears_Denim" Ha ha. It was Thomas who came up with the name, so he must be Pinky... Well we both like denim and we like the fact that you buy a raw product and sculpt it yourself! We do not agree on everything! But one thing is for sure - We do not hunt fades... Put on the jacket, shirt or jean and don't look back! It simply cannot be just about the fades... its about the journey!

Tellason Jean Jacket - Pinky and Brain - Brund
We have worn out several pairs of jeans through the years and also a jacket or two! But now we just wanted for the first time to take the same product with the same fine fabric in use! Wear it as much as possible and then somewhere out in the future, compare what ever bruises and scars the journey has provided our jackets with... It's a fun little side project where we update the instagram once in a while...

Buy Tellason Jean Jacket at BrundWe chose the jean jacket from Tellason! Mostly because we really like the brand and the exclusive 16.5 oz Cone Mills White Oak Selvage Denim is just outstanding in our little book of denim!

Fitwise, well it simply just fits all! Pinky (Thomas) is tall and skinny and Brain (Peter) is also tall but not so skinny :-) And yet we fit it well both of us! We like the idea of a jacket which shows respect to the past but most certainly also fits into the future...

The Journey has just begun... Feel free to join us on Instagram! - PinkyAndBrain_Wears_Denim

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